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Recently entering the House music scene, Pierce Fulton is a 17 year old Musician, Producer, and DJ residing in Vermont in the United States. Having been producing House Music for around 5 months, Pierce Fulton has been entering the scene through several remixes, collaborations, and originals soon to be released. Expect some new tunes coming from Pierce in the next few months. Listen to the Soundcloud previews of Pierce upcoming tracks below and dont forget to download and listen to his two free download tracks he sent to us. He has done everything with the instrumental on the ”Watch The Sunrise Edit” but he has just put the vocals on and on his ”Bromance Edit” he took the melody from bromance and made his own song with it. ENJOY and drop a comment! What do you guys think of the mix of interviews with major dj’s and less-known young and talented dj’s/producers?

Who are you and where are you from?

Hi, I’m Pierce Fulton and I’m from Stratton Mountain, Vermont in the USA.

What made you start producing house and when did you start?

I started making small Hip-Hop tracks around January of 2009 just on my laptop and a keyboard. In the summer of that year,  a friend of mine was testing out his new live set-up, threw a Steve Angello track on and I instantly fell in love.  At the time, I was producing on Propellerhead’s Reason and after hearing Mr. Angello, I said goodbye to Hip-Hop. I just kept making tracks and experimented with different styles and programs and mid-summer,
I bought Logic and that’s where I really started. So in all, I would say that I’ve been producing House since the summer of 2009.

What kind of influences do you have?

I have so many influences from tons of different genres of music. But to name a few,
I would say the most recently recognized producers like Avicii, Mikael Weermets, and Max Vangeli are my biggest influences.

What’s your top 5 tracks at the moment?

Cicada – One Beat Away (Max Vangeli Remix)
Faithless – Not Going Home (Eric Prydz Remix)
Tim Berg – Bromance (Avicii’s Area Mix)
Mikael Weermets & Johan Wedel – Deep Inside (Original Mix)
Axwell – Nothing But Love For You

What is your biggest goal in terms of production/DJing?

My biggest goal as a musician is to do what I love for the rest of my life.
I want to create music that makes people happy because thats better than anything in the world.
But I would also love to play at some major festivals and clubs like Creamfields or Sensation.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Nothing specific really inspires me but I can just be walking around or sitting in math class and something will pop into my head and I’ll start writing a tune. I have to say, I write about half of my tunes while learning Calculus.

What tracks can we look forward to from you soon?

Well, I have loads of tracks that no one has heard on several different computers but I’m releasing a
few tracks like For Your Ears Only, Habibé, and a track called Not Till Tomorrow that will feature vocals
from good friend of mine. Also, I’m currently finishing up a killer track with my friend Fred Lilla and that will hopefully be released soon.

What kind of prodiction software do you use and have you tried others softwares? Favorite plugins?

I use Apple’s Logic Pro for about 85% of my tunes and when I’m on the road, I use Reason.
I think I’m updating my equipment and going strictly Logic soon but I’ve also used FL Studio, Ableton Live, and Sonar. My favorite plugins are Sylenth1 and FM8.

Do you only produce alone or do you have any collabs also?

I produce alone on a lot of tracks but I’m currently working with Fred Lilla, Frederic Van Hooft,
Louis Cousseé, David Maouad, and Beat My Day’s own, Jesper Cederlind.

What producer/s would you like to work with some day?

I would like to do a track with Avicii because I find him to be the most diverse producer out there.
I love how his tracks can be so melodic and have such a great club feel to it, his tracks are gold.


*Preview* Pierce Fulton & Fred Lilla- Up & Away (Original Mix) by HouseEssentials

*Preview* Pierce Fulton- Habibé (Original Mix) by HouseEssentials

*Preview* Pierce Fulton & Frederic Van Hooft- Not Till Tomorrow (Dub Mix) by HouseEssentials

*Preview* Pierce Fulton- For Your Ears Only (Original Mix) by HouseEssentials

Free Downloads:
Tim Berg – Bromance (Pierce Fulton Re-Dux)
Axwell – Watch the Sunrise (Pierce Fulton Re-Dux)

/Jesper & William

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