Check out these previews of John Dahlbacks upcoming tracks ”The Drake” & ”Fallout”. I think Dahlback really has changed his style in producing, the sound is really different compared to his earlier releases that made him famous. I don’t really like the ”The Drake” track but I think the full version of ”Fallout” can be pretty good…What do you think? Peace

John Dahlback – The Drake by Mutants Records
John Dahlback – Fallout by Mutants Records


5 Comments to “John Dahlback-The Drake & Fallout”

  • Defenitly the other way around! The Drake sounds like a true dancefloor banger, abit oldschoolish sound. Love it!
    Fallout however sounds lame =/

  • JD played The Fallout at Solidaritet and it was awesome

  • Maybe you have bad taste of music,Drake is a killer track!

  • Två riktigt tunga låtar!

  • +1 for The Drake

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