This release hasn’t really been hyped up but I really like it! The track I’m talking about is the first one here below and is called “Luminary Ones” and is made by Adrian Lux’s girlfriend Rebecca together with her friend Fiona. The remix though is made by two guys who are based in Stockholm, Sweden who call themself Nause. Anyhow this track was released yesterday and I really think you should go and grab a copy of it ! The second track is a track that is originally made by Swedish producer and also one of the members in the group “The Attic“. His name is Eric Amarillo and I really love his style of producing. His track is still unreleased but I hope he will release it soon! Enjoooy!

Rebecca & Fiona – Luminary Ones [Itunes Link]

Rebecca & Fiona – Luminary Ones (Nause Remix) by Nause
Eric Amarillo – Air (Nause Remix) by Nause


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  • Luminary Ones var fet, det enda jag störde mig på var att vocalsen var panade åt höger. Skitskumt!

  • http://vimeo.com/12231592, här är orginalet

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