New fresh remix from French DJ/Producer Tristan Garner. This cool remix is a little bit different compared to his earlier tracks. I think this track has a little bit more electro sound in it than his previous releases. This track will anyhow be released on the 30th of June, stay tuned!

Greg Cerrone & Da Fresh – Troopers (Tristan Garner Remix) by Tristan Garner


6 Comments to “Greg Cerrone & Da Fresh – Troopers (Tristan Garner Remix)”

  • Guys, found this random mashup of bromance on youtube. dont know where it coming from but it pretty amazing!!

  • If you think that Mashup was amazing, you are horribly tone deaf Gustav

  • Steve angello’s senaste edit!

  • Gustav >>>> Any chance that its you who made that mashup??? Sucks so bad


    Cali Culture, Vaccine – Ute nu ;-)

  • Guys it snot mine, found it on youtube yesterday when i was watching that fail bootleg…So bring up the arguments? Whats so bad about it?

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