Last year they invited Richard Grey, Tristan Garner, Arias, … and this year they have decided to promote amateur DJs they believe in. Every DJ is invited for 7 days (all inclusive: travel costs, food & drinks, extras and more). They play with the resident DJs for this week every day, facing a 1000 people crowd in the best places of Croatia. They have one last spot open for an amateur DJ whom will be chosen through this contest! The contest starts 14th of June 08:00 and ends 21th of June 23:30. Sometime during this week you have to send a 1-hour mixtape, made with CD’s to

When: August 21 – August 28
How: Send a 1-hour mixtape to
Prize: 1 week DJing on a yacht in Croatia during the yacht week!

You can read more about this event here.


21 Comments to “Contest: Become A Yacht Week DJ”

  • I really need to learn how to dj!

  • me 2 påntus ;)

  • Sarah Main has made 5 great videos for beginner djs, check it out: (part 1 of 5)

    For the more experienced: Phil K has made 9 videos for experienced djs: (part 1 of 9)

    For pro djs: James Zabiela has made 8 videos to develop as a pro dj: (part 1 of 8 )

  • Fuck,why does it need to be recorded with cds :/

  • I’m not sure but I’m guessing because they want to see DJ skills, not skills in a dj software on your pc, it doesn’t say anything at all about yourself as a dj..

  • Can you send the mixtape with just a zippy file?
    Do they want a tracklist aswell?

  • A tracklist doesn’t hurt

  • I’ll send a Mixtape. Maybe iam lucky an can go to Crotia for a Week, hrrrr THAT’LL BE AMAZING!

  • Thats fuckin bullshit. To use Serato or Traktor is the future. U can do so much with those softwares that it makes CD´s look like vinyl. Im gettin so tired of all the ”you not a real DJ if u use Serato or Traktor”, i guess these people watch VHS and not DVD because its the exact same thing with CD´s and software. Well in time i know that more and more DJ´s will switch to software and timecode CD´s, and one more thing. If you not have any talent or suck at DJíng you will not be able not DJ with Software, DJ´ing is about to have a talent and a feeling for the music you play, to build up the night and make people dance, and no software in the world can make that for you, only a talented DJ can!

  • RIvera, would you like to share it? Or you want wait till after the contest :)

  • Hi what´s the name of the second song?

  • MGMT – Electric Feel (Original Mix)

  • thanks alot anton, looks good! :)

  • Hur spelar man enklast in setet? Jag har två CDJs och en mixer (utan USB).

  • Hörde en låt igår när jag var ute som vände hela klubben upp och ner… den började så alla trodde att det var One men sen när droppen kom var det Show Me Love med One’s ljud eller vad man ska säga, helt spårad iaf..

    Någon som vet vilken jag menar? Tack

  • @Joachim

    Det är Swedish House Mafia – Show One Love (Hardwell Did It Again Bootleg)

  • @Semir

    Tack! :)

  • DJ Samvice! Han är grym, och just nu är han verkligen en omtalad Sture P-DJ.

  • DJ Samvice kunde trycka på en knapp, ”nästan helt i takt”, eller vad vad grejen?

  • hey guys !

    regarding the fact we ask for CD players, here comes the main reason : what happens if your computer falls in the sea during the week ? Believe me last year a lot of my CDs tested croatian waters :)

    good luck & have fun !

  • Hey everybody !

    Results of the contest available on the link bellow :,_june_26th.html

    Thank you to everybody who participated !



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