This amazing track recently made the inbox! A track for the summer made by the Swedish DJ’s/producers Frederic Van Hooft & Karl Åberg. Check it out, it rocks!

Frederic Van Hooft, Karl Åberg – ID Preview by hooft


8 Comments to “Preview: Frederic Van Hooft & Karl Åberg – ID”

  • Sweet sweet summer song! Really good. What is the release date on this bomb?

  • None yet..

  • come on I need a release date! i’m just ACHING to buy it! the preview’s just too short!

  • I will ask them!

  • Seriöst, denna låten prickar summerfeeling no. 1. Vill ha den nuuuu!

  • Ser fram emot releasen! Skulle kunna bli en tung sommarhit!

  • Denna är riktigt tung! Ge oss nått att gå på nu!

  • The most amazing paper I have read all week :P

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