Nause is sharing a short mixtape including 4 previews of their upcoming tracks. I think all four of them sounds very cool. Listen to the previews below. Drop a comment and tell us which one of them you prefer the most. Cheers!

Nause – Previews 2010 by Nause

Don’t forget to buy Nause’s wonderful remix on Luminary Ones on iTunes!


4 Comments to “Previews from Nause”

  • The second mixtape had with no douth on of the best sounds i have ever heard !
    (So The second mixtape was the best !!!!!!)

  • Lätt den sista!

  • den andra hade ett liknande sound som avicci (bromance) så den var väldigt bra, den sista var oxå mycket bra !!

  • Nice Leo och Jacob! Gillar den andra som Björn även nämner som har lite liknande sound som bromance! Grymt!!

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