We recently received this great exclusive preview by the French DJ/producer Tristan Garner. It’s a remix of the legendary techno track Sunshine by Tomaz & Filterheads. Garner wrote on his site that this remix is probably going to get released for free as a gift for the summer to us fans! Enjoy and check out his other social medias, links are below!

Tomaz & Filterheads – Sunshine (Tristan Garner Remix) PREVIEW by Beatmyday

Tristan Garner’s facebook fan page

P.S. Don’t forget that Thomas Gold is playing at Solidaritet in Stockholm tonight! Read more about it here.


8 Comments to “Exclusive Preview: Sunshine (Tristan Garner Remix)”

  • very big trackk

  • Stop lying man. This is no exclusive to your website… It came first and somewhat exclusive on http://www.electro-house.net (until someone rip it, or the artist give it after some time to other website).
    This also happened with some other track too (remember Yvan Emerick ?).
    So get real, If your website is proper good then no need to lie to gain hits.



  • We got it personally by Tristan Garner himself and he said it was exclusive, and on the other hand: you’re an illegal site…

  • Ok if Tristan didn’t tell you and/or you didn’t noticed (that it was days before on electro-house.net)… I can understand. But it’s just that it’s not the first time that I see exclusive when it’s not the case. Anyway let’s forget it.
    Btw it might be illegal in the strict definition of it, but not enough to get promo directly from artists ;)

  • is it only me or is does this sound like Filty Rich And Prok & Fitch – Naga even has the voices :( anyway cool but not original

  • First thought: Major rip-off of ‘Naga’…
    Still a nice summer-ish tune though..

  • I just saw on tristans twitter that he is going to give it free next week:

    quote:” And to celebrate summer, love , and good times I’ll release my sunshine remix for FREE next week !”

  • Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

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