Check out this track made by the Australien DJ/producer duo Denzal Park. It’s a remode of the track I’m So Crazy by INXS. They have decided to give it away for free, the first drop is huge!

INXS – ‘Im So Crazy’ (Denzal Park Mix 2010 ReMode) by Neon Records/Underground

To download this track, press the arrow on the right hand side pointing down.


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  • Phishmania is increasingly rehanicg pandemonium over the mysterious Halloween set. What will they play? This is the only question, besides maybe how am I going to get to the show or when and where the Winter Tour occur, on every Heads mind these days. Myself, after reading all of the different blogs and seeing the infinite possibilities on Phish’s website to decipher, I can offer my opinion to the many regarding the Halloween costume that Phish will put on. First, I feel that the Stones Exile and Sticky Fingers , which would be an absolute joy and blessing to hear, due to my love of the Stones and belief that Exile is the greatest album of all time, will not happen. Although quite capable, I believe that Trey more particularly than the rest of the band will be incapable of playing the tunes on both albums in their true authenticity. Keith plays in Open G tuning for a bulk of the songs on both albums, and I cannot see Trey escaping his Standard tuning to play the tracks. If he does not play in Open G the songs will not sound the same. Furthermore, I think it would be extremely difficult for Trey to adapt his jam style in Open G, unless he has secretly been working on figuring this tuning out for a little while now. With all of this said, Exile and Sticky Fingers are out. My gut was telling me that the Costume would be a California band, and Phish would have to represent for the home crowd. There are a plethora of bands to choose from. But, my gut was telling me that it would be the Eagles, and their greatest achievement Hotel California . There are a number of classics on the album and I can see Phish covering the album. Ironically enough, Hotel is one of the albums listed as a possibility. All of this truly means nothing but this is my two cents. I agree that David Bowie is a strong possibility given that they do cover Bowie. I think there are still two dark horses in the debate and one is an iconic L.A. band, and the other comes from downunder: Guns-N-Roses and AC/DC. I always thought Appetite for Destruction or Back In Black would be killer Halloween sets and would send all those tripping Heads into a panic. They wouldn’t know how to groove to it, and I think it would be the all-time great mind scare for Phish to pull on Halloween. Lastly, Junta is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. I think that it would be fitting for Phish to put on a costume of themselves 25 years later and perform Junta in its entirety. Whether it is the Halloween set or just a set on its own. Again, it is what my gut is saying. No matter what, if it Junta is performed in its entirety it would definetly be awesome. I guess all we can do is wait and see.

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