Fred Lilla is a very talanted DJ/producer from Switzerland and here is a preview of his upcoming track called Sunsation. It will be released on Yves Larock’s label Millia Records in October. The release will include a radio edit, instrumental mix, vocal mix and maybe some remixes aswell. Listen to the previews below!

Fred Lilla – Sunsation (Blumenkraft Vocal Mix)[PREVIEW] by blumenkraft
Fred Lilla – Sunsation (Original Mix) PREVIEW by fredlilla

P.S. When Fred hits over 2000 fans on his facebook he will release his track Pure for free, follow him now!


8 Comments to “Preview: Fred Lilla – Sunsation [Millia]”

  • garbage

  • Pure Shit

  • Pure Shit


  • Why being so rude ? The track is huge in my opinion. Congrats Fred!

  • I agree with james! it’s huge!

  • Rofl.-. nice music taste u got then

  • haha huge? its weak! nice melody but come on!! this is NOT good!

  • Biggest problem with new producers is that they think that a good/nice melody is all. Yes, its a quite good melody but the mixing is weak and it has no energy in it. Kick and bass are not mixed well and it sounds very weak.

    Im listening to it on expensive studio monitors and if I compare this track to others its a HUGE difference.

    Come on all new producers. Dont throw out shit productions and hope that you will get big and famous. Work hard another 1 or 2 years so you can make slamming tracks instead.

    If you know how to handle your gear in the studio, then you dont even need a great melody to make awsome tracks. You are making club music ffs! The bottom end in a track is everything.

    Im getting tired of this fucking bullshit! And whats the fucking problem with all labels releasing this kind of music.

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