The remix parts for an unreleased track from Deadmau5 were released on Beatport two days ago. It got released for a remix challenge, no rules have been published yet, but feel free to start remixing! It’s the remix parts from the unreleased track  from him, seems like it’s called Ladder, not You Need A Ladder as the fake version on the internet says. Get the parts and make your own version of this cool track, enjoy!

Deadmau5 Ultimate Remix Challenge [Mau5trap Recordings] – BP Link


3 Comments to “Deadmau5 Ultimate Remix Challenge”

  • gillar inte att delarna kostar pengar :<

  • it’s ”you need a ladder” deadmau5 confirmed it on one of his ustream broadcasts. he even reworked the track and named it ”sofi needs a ladder”. why it’s called ladder now i dont know.

  • Laidback Luke – Hypnotize (Steve Angello Remix)?

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