Our Swedish superstar DJ Axwell peeked in at the Swedish radio station NRJ for an interview two days ago (27/9). In this interview made by NRJ’s Anton D’Niice, Axwell tells us about the status on Centre Of The Universe, the upcoming Swedish House Mafia documentary Take One and the gig on Saturday in Stockholm. Unfortunately this interview is in Swedish, but we have translated it into a English text for our international readers, enjoy!


Part 1

Anton: Axwell, welcome to the best radio station in Sweden: NRJ!

Axwell: Thanks, thanks!

Anton: How are you doing?

Axwell: It’s great!

Anton: How does a typical weekday look like for you?

Axwell: I don’t know really, I haven’t had as many weekdays here in a while. Today it looks like I’m here anyway!

Anton: How does it feel to play on events such as Electric Daisy Carnvial in the U.S., where you played last summer? What was it, 100 000 people who stood jumping to your music? Did you feel like this wasn’t happening?

Axwell: Yes, it was a pinch Armin mode, due to the structure with stage and L.A. It was a lot of people in the biggest Colloseum-space. There was one stage that I’ve never seen before. In addition, it was no ceiling and lots of fireworks.

Anton: A little bit of U2 feeling?

Axwell: Yes, I had to take three steps back and just take it in my life. I couldn’t just let it speed past. I had to remember the moment, which probably was the coolest so far I think.

Anton: You do have a documentary coming out soon, you released the trailer the other day ‘Take One’, what can we really expect to see in it?

Axwell: You get more insight into how we are, how our life looks like and such. So it’s a bit of a documentary aswell as an episode of Family Guy because it’s pretty funny, weird and pretty fucked up.

Anton: Was it Jonas Åkerlund, who said that you were the biggest jerks he’d ever seen?

Axwell: Ehm, yes hahaha!

Anton: Haha, is it difficult to prioritize your time between the Swedish House Mafia and Axwell?

Axwell: Nope, it’s pretty easy, because you need both. It’s like eating fish one day and meat the other you know. You want to have both. I combine it pretty well actually. One gives you inspiration and energy to the other, so it’s great to combine. It has been slowing down my work with my solo album that I’ve been nagging about for like 10 years, because I’m touring around with Swedish House Mafia all the time and make songs like ‘One’ and ‘Miami 2 Ibiza’ with them. So of course it takes longer but it’s just fun, it’s all about having fun!

Anton: What are you looking for when making a song? Do you have any particular preferences?

Axwell: Yes, I like it when there is a combination of melancholy and elevating device, that is when you usually get goosebumps moments.

Anton: ”Goosebumps never lie” or?

Axwell: Exactly. When something is sad it will be a composition in which only makes the whole skin rises. I’m looking for something majestic in the vocals, something that is just between happy and dark.

Anton: Hasn’t it happened some sick bizarre things on any of your shows?

Axwell: Yes, it happens sick stuff all the time. It is really sick what we do. We go around the world and just partying apart places, so it’s crazy but you get used to.

Anton: When can we see the whole Swedish House Mafia together in Sweden? When someone can afford?

Axwell: Yes, haha. We have good plans for it I think. Maybe sometime next year.

Part 2

Anton: I know you get this question a lot, but the ‘Centre Of The Universe’. Many people really thought it would be released this summer because it feels like a real summer track, what’s the status on that one?

Axwell: I didn’t really finish it before the summer started, so that sucked. But it’s coming!

Anton: Will it be released?

Axwell: Yes, of course! I’m just going to finish it!

Anton: On October 2nd, you will perform at the Munich brewery in Stockholm. It’s not really casual to see Axwell in Stockholm anymore?

Axwell: Nah, but I like to do it once a year and once I do I do it special! Like last year when I played on Fredsgatan and then we made it a bit special with Carlsberg and their concept, Where’s The Party? It’s the same thing this year, we did Visby, Kallbadhuset, we did Gothenburg and it was really really fun so I try to take Sweden as seriously as any other country. I would namely make it special, not just go down on a club/bar having a few CDs with me just because I live here. I want to take it as seriously as any other location. That’s why it gets a little more unusual because I want to make it special.

Anton: Sweet! We’ll talk a little bit about your event here on Saturday! Are you nervous because you’re playing at home and people have huge expectations?

Axwell: Right now when you said that, I got a small knife in my stomach which just twisted. Haha no, but you can always be a little nervous but it’s fun because it means that you have a little playfulness left in yourself. That you can get nervous means that I’m not 60 years old living at a old people’s home.

Anton: What are you mostly looking forward to on your performance at the Munich brewery?

Axwell: I am mostly looking forward to doing the production that we should do here in town, because it’s a big production that I’ve never had here in Stockholm before and no other DJ either I think. It’ll be fatter than Tiesto’s production, it gets fireworks and stuffs like that!

Anton: Axwell, thank you for taking the time doing this interview, is there anything you would like to say to the listeners?

Axwell: Thanks to everyone who’s listening and thanks to everyone who supports me, my music and of course the Swedish House Mafia’s music, thanks so much!


Don’t forget a large event is taking place at Solidaritet, Stockholm tonight. Read more about it here!


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