Hard-hitting banger Love Is out now on Beatport! Brilliant combination of a clubby beat from Mikael Weermets together with these outstanding vocals by Christina Skaar, love it! This release features, except the original, a piano mix aswell as another huge remix from the DJ/producer duo French Government. Go support these artists by buying their productions!

Mikael Weermets feat. Christina Skaar – Love Is (Original + Mixes) [Work Machine] – Beatport Link


6 Comments to “Release: Love Is (Original + Mixes) [Work Machine]”

  • 2-3 weeks ago you talked about a Sebastien Drums & Rob Adans Remix… Isn’t it ? :(

  • Yes, Sebastien Drums & Rob Adans made a remix of it…but I dont know if it will be released later or maybe the label didnt approved it…´


  • fucking ripoff mikael wermeets, even the layout is a copycat of size

  • Well…

    Sebastien Drums actually is the owner of the label so… his remix would be approved by himself haha

    And the layout was designed by the label I guess, not by Mikael Weermets..



  • Vilken mix är bäst?

  • Alla är riktigt bra enligt mig, svårt att välja en

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