It’s been a while since last time but now we on Beat My Day are back with another exclusive interview. This time with the talanted Swedish DJ/producer Johan Wedel. Except this extraordinary interview we have received a massive EP including two versions of Johan’s amazing track called Playdoo. He made it for 2 years ago and since the project was lost he decided give it away for free right here and now! Enjoy!

Hello Johan! Make a short presentation of yourself, age and so on!

- Hello Beat My Day! My name is Johan Wedel. I’m 19 years old and I currently live in Gonthenburg, Sweden. I work as a music producer/DJ but also with graphic design and photography.

You’ve grown quite fast in the house music industry, what’s your secret?

- I think the main reason is creativity, it’s very important to me that i find new ways, diffrent and new ideas. And that is what I’m currently working on.

How would you describe your own style of producing? We’ve heard everything from your first release (the Dream of You Remix) until now with your smashing club sound, do you think your own ”sound” has developed during this period of time?

- I’m still in the learning process but I have finally come to the point where I can produce stuff that I really want. In the past couple of weeks I’ve been working on a lot of singles and some new remixes, all (more or less) with that unique sound. I would say it’s a mix between Nudisco/Indie Dance and more underground club beats. In the forthcoming year you will see what I mean. Then if people likes it or not, I don’t know haha!

You recently released an outstanding remix of Deniz Koyu’s Lose Control, what are your thoughts about that one?

- Well, the Lose Control remix was the first step towards this sound I’m trying to find. I think I brought the creativity into it, something a bit new. Regarding the Lose Control remix, I received so much positive feedback and nice comments about it. And it’s always fun to hear people follow in the text when I’m playing it.

You’re remixing a lot these days, when’s your next single release?

- I have 3 new remixes coming out soon! One is a remix for the influential Parov Stelar. Then i have 2 remixes I did together with Don & Palm! The first one is called Disfunktion feat. Max’C – In The Sunshine (Don Palm & Johan Wedel Remix) which is a more trancy piece. This one will be followed by our new Albin Myers remix. Currently I’m working with an album but can’t tell you more about that right now, it’s getting finished though! I’m also in a collaboration with some bigger artists mostly outside the house genre!

Tell us about the remix of In The Sunshine. How was it working with Don & Palm?

- Daniel and Karl are two really, really talanted guys from Gotenburg aswell. They really know what they are doing in the studio. I think we managed to create a good mix between our sounds. It’s more trancy and made for bigger dancefloors. Don & Palm + Johan Wedel = Twice the energy ;) .  We have been working on a new single and this (soon to be released) remix of Disfunktion and Max C! We also just finished a remix of Albin Myers – There 4 U!

You’re now current with a collaboration remix together with Mikael Weermets of Alive. We’ve seen a lot of productions between you two, how is it working with Mikael? Have you got any on-going productions right now?

- Yeah, Alive was a really fun collaboration, Mikael is a really nice guy and very fun to work with and he always brings a lot of ideas, brings very little bad ideas and brings alot of Jack, wich seems to be our main studio tool. After all my main goal with this whole music production DJ’ing thing is to have fun, awlays have fun, and it has worked out pretty well so far. During collaborations you have to work with people that you can stand for more than 12 hours in a row, and Mikael is one of thoose! We are currently working on a new remix and a new EP as it seems.

Which are your top 5 tracks at the moment?

- This is actually a hard question, I think there are too much music to choose from, but to mention five tracks that you will hear in my sets:

Albin Myers – There 4 U (Don Palm & Johan Wedel Remix)
Aura Dione – Something For Nothing (Jazzbox Remix)
Parov Stelar – Radio Mojo Gang (Johan Wedel Remix)
Angelique Kidjo – Move On Up (Radioclit Remix)
Chris Lake & Marco Lys – Cross The Line (Main Mix)

With which DJ/producer with you rather work with if you could choose, and why?

- There are many artists that I would like to work with, M83, Kleerup aswell as Parov Stelar which I currently got to remix which was a very Big thing for me since it’s one of my favourite artists. Right now I’m trying to mix my style with non-house artists to bring something new into the genre!

Which are your main goals as a DJ/producer in the house music industry?

- To have fun, to see the world and meet friends, nothing more, nothing less.


CD or laptop?

- Still CD’s but I’m experimenting with laptop sets on Ableton live sometimes, it’s a progress I tell you.

Blondes or brunettes?

- Brunettes!

Your favourite track of all times?

- José Gonzales – Cycling Trivialities

JOHAN WEDEL – PLAYDOO EP (Free download)

Johan Wedel – Playdoo (Original Mix) Exclusive by Beatmyday

Johan Wedel – Playdoo (Johan Wedel Re-Touch) Exclusive by Beatmyday

- I would like to thank everyone for the great support I’m reciving, wouldn’t be able to this without it. Also thanks Beat My Day, great site – I check it every day ;)
The download links is now available again! Enjoy!

/Beat My Day

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  • Nice tune, sounds kinda like 100 by Nic Chagall, Rank 1, and Wippenberg

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    Here’s the name of the song: Avicii – Bromance Mr President (Anwar man’or Acapella House mix)

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  • Original-mixen är klart bäst! WTG Wedel

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