Eric Prydz a.k.a Pryda revealed his 20th Pryda EP in Pete Tong’s latest Essential Selection and here are the official previews for the EP as well as the name for the second track in the EP – Glimma, which is getting released on December 15th(!) through his own respected imprint Pryda Recordings along with Illusions, check it out!

Pryda – Illusions
Pryda – Glimma


7 Comments to “Official Previews: Pryda – Illusions / Glimma (PRY019.5) [Pryda]”

  • Eric is the best their is! Totally dominating!!!!!

  • Progressive house doesn’t get much better than this!

  • Glimma är så jävla psykooooooooooos <3

  • sååå jävla cleant! Tar upp det till en annan nivå, andra har inte en chans…

  • Psyyykoooooooooooos !!

  • sick tracks

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