The Gothenburg-based duo Don & Palm has achieved a lot during the past couple of months, delivering massive productions non-stop, warming up the crowd before David Guetta in Copenhagen and being topical with the amazing In The Sunshine remix together with Johan Wedel which has created a huge buzz lately. They have also an upcoming remix of There 4 You together with Wedel as well which is due to be released soon on Nero Recordings. Anyhow, Christmas reached new heights when Kingdome Kome Cuts dropped the long-awaited remix of D.O.N.SGroove On iTunes the other day, check it out!

D.O.N.S feat. Jerique – Groove On (Don & Palm Remix) [Kingdom Kome Cuts] – iTunes Link


One Comment to “Release: D.O.N.S feat. Jerique – Groove On (Don & Palm Remix) [KKC]”

  • Dessa grabbar har höga förväntningar att leva upp till nu, men denna låten lät inte top notch.

    Av previewen att dömma: Lät riktigt wierd med vocalsen i introt, för låg volym och passar inte in där alls.

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