Being famous for their highly-supported bootlegs, East & Young now takes on the highly-respected Kings of Tomorrow and their everlasting trademarker, Finally featuring the amazing voice of Julie McKnight. This official piece has been signed to the prestigious Defected Records and is now available for you so go grab yourself a copy!


8 Comments to “Release: Kings Of Tomorrow – Finally (East & Young Remix) [Defected]”

  • Why not BP release? Itunes is gay

  • It might be coming up on Beatport soon as well, but for now the iTunes link is the best one available.

  • Men det är ju en edit på 3 min?!?!

  • song is only 3 mins?

  • Rick: The soundcloud-player does only contain a preview of the track. If you want to have a listen to the full version, iTunes is at your service!

  • Anton: Den som ligger på iTunes är 3 minuter!

  • Då vet jag tyvärr inte. Det är den enda länken som finns vad jag vet..

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