With the release of her Violet EP on the shelves, Dinka is now presenting the first track of her upcoming album. It’s called Memorized Faces and features the usual euphoric touch of the Swiss producer herself. Any release info hasn’t been revealed yet so stay tuned!


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  • in fact…dinka is not female…it’s chris hirt aka chris reece,leventina,passenger 10 and many other aliases that he’s been working under… :)

  • That may be but Dinka is still a female.

  • did you even read what i wrote???in case that you’ve heard a female voice in Dinka’s podcast i must inform you that this doesn’t mean that the artist is female too..Moreover Chris Hirt himself mentioned things about the Dinka project in an interview..

  • Quote from your statement: ”dinka is not female”. Dinka is a female Dj no matter who’s producing her tracks.

  • ok mate..stick with that..it’s a non-existing person nonetheless..

  • Huh? Dinka is the girl on the picture.. Doesn’t matter who is producing her tracks, she’s is a real person, a female Dj.

  • Guys, before you bite the heads off eachother: http://www.discogs.com/artist/Dinka+%282%29

    You’re both right.

  • that’s sth to pay attention to…thnx martin…now it makes more sense because,you might laugh at me right now,but i’ve heard a long time ago that chris hirt is the mastermind behind edx’s tracks too,and maurizio collela is playing them at clubs,but he is also doing some studio work too…

  • That is not all true. Hirt has produced some of his tracks, including ‘Embrace’, but EDX has produced some of them himself as well

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