With the harmonic Raise Your Weapon rework on the shelves, Justin Michael teams up alongside his buddy Kemal to produce a cool track out of Kaskade’s original one called All That You Give featuring a beautiful vocal from Mindy Gledhill. The remix is due to be released on February 22nd through the prestigious Ultra Records, have a listen!


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  • i want this song really bad :)

  • Good article, but I was diceeved to not see anything regarding the financing of artists. Indeed, it seems to me that artists should release their music for free on the internet, allowing donations (like on bandcamp when you choose your price for an album/song). You’re going to tell me that its not viable, people won’t give anything. Maybe you’re right. In fact, you’re probably right. HOWEVER, I am against the concept of being able to live for 20/30 years on the success of a hit. I consider that the artist should make concerts regularly, around the world, in order to earn some money.

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  • Heck of a job there, it absolutely helps me out.

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