He’s been one of the major fellows in the industry for quite some time now and being a part in the manufacturing of Leave The World Behind was yet another big step in the right direction for the superstar Dj from the Netherlands. Not only has his solo career scampered away into the sky, his very own label, Mixmash Records, has, ever since getting kickstarted back in late 2007 with releases such as Rocking With The Best and Be, also reached a high amount of success and has been a big part of discovering new artists in the scene such as Sandro Silva. Laidback Luke is known for his incredible sense for music in general and his show on Friday, March 11th will most likely be splendid specimen of that. We have, however, the honor of having a few tickets which you guys are able to participate in the running for. All you have to do is to send your answer to this simple question, located here below, to info@beatmyday.com and mark it by ”Laidback Luke tickets”. The mail must include the right answer, your name and your mobile phone number to go through, edge your pencils and start answering!

Question: What is his new single alongside Steve Aoki called?

When: 11th of March, 22:00 – 03:00 March 12th (GMT+1)
Where: Slagthuset, Jörgen Kocksgatan 7A in Malmö, Sweden
Main Act
: Laidback Luke
Warm-up Acts: Husarrest, Joseph Shirazi, Andres Nilsson, Freddie Deville and Joey Massa
Age: 18+

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Three winners will get two tickets each. The winners will be presented next weekend!

/Anton & Jesper

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  • You guys need to post more good sets from unknown djs! That would be really brilliant, you don’t know how amazing it is to see that your work gets appreciated.
    There’s no better payment for your work than this.

    Maybe if you guys have time you can listen to a new set of mine. I don’t want to be like these other guys who post their sets everywhere just to get a few plays, but my friends aren’t really in to electronic music and I want to know if my work is good enough to get posted on this great and popular site.

    I wouldn’t be sad about not seeing my set on this site tmrw, I know that its much to demand, but I thought it’s worth a try.

    Enough talk, here is my set: http://soundcloud.com/heitaekk/der-achtzehnte

    And sorry for my english.

  • Mark: Almost all of the sets we post are made by unkown djs. Send over your set to our mail instead: info@beatmyday.com

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