With the major single Full Stop just out, Cirez D is now preparing the 16th instalment on his beloved Mouseville Records alongside a new fellow in the industry, Acki Kokotos. Deeply inspired by the characterized sounds of the middle east, this EP will surely be one for the books, headlined by strings interacting with pounding beats and a heavy bassline brought together, resulting in one brilliant craft, Tomorrow. This package is dangerously close to madness, which probably is the thing the two masterminds would like to enact with this release naming the second tune Sirtos Madness. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, quite the opposite actually since one have to breach new barriers to get recognition in this industry flooded with new productions right now. It’s due to be released on March 16th, have a listen!

Cirez D & Acki Kokotos – Tomorrow
Cirez D & Acki Kokotos – Sirtos Madness


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