What everyone first assumed to be a new single from one of the mafia members later revealed itself as a smasher from an unkown mastermind. We have still not received final word whether this video is fake or not but most evidence points towards the fact that it’s fake. However, the track is huge and was released just two days ago through Move Club. It’s called Opera and is originally made by the Italian Mat’s Mattara and features, as the title campaigns, an opera-inspired vocal from Rockman.

Mat’s Mattara feat. Rockman – Opera [Move Club] – Junodownload Link

Mat’s Mattara feat. Rockman – Opera (World Extended Mix)


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  • Tuuuuuung….. fuck Avicii – ID, detta var det bästa i år

  • heeeeeeeeeeeeelt sjuk….

  • How can beatmyday.com publish this SHIT , nexus non masterised correctly track ?!!!
    this cunt have made a ” buzz ” by making fake videos from the SHM with his track

  • haha.. fake video.. + lyssna på den på juno downloads.. den e inte så bra..
    kul o se hur man kan bli lurad:)

  • ingen support från mej, pga av deras marknadsföring

  • Haha, den låter ganska fet här men så var det ju tyvärr inte och fan vad fult sätt att hypea sin låt. Han förtjänar ju inte en enda view!

  • Jacks: The primary reason for publishing this one was to state that it wasn’t a new single from the mafia.

  • Helt värdelös låt med den sämsta masteringen och framförallt vocalen jag hört på mycket länge. Pinsam promotion som borde ge fängelsestraff.

  • Pinsam promotion som borde ge fängelsestraff. hahahahahaha !!!!

  • Tycker det låter finfint, kvittar väl om man har använt sig av färdiga presets så länge det låter bra.

  • nu fattar jag noll…..

  • Abdulla: Vad är det du inte förstår?

  • It’s not Beat My Day’s fault for bad id track or fake video as some mentioned. If some of u heard the song , it has all sounds of a SHM track…. Anybody could think actually is a a new single of the swedish artists.
    Wich i respect and admire for their work and accomplishement untill now.
    But i think you knew this more and more fake id tracks are out there why blma beatmyday ?

    Their are doin just their job and i guess living their passion wich is music…

  • u better just publish the audio.. the video is totally fake!!!

  • OMG!!!!! Fan vad värdelöst!! Det sämsta jag någonsin har hört!! Detta förstörde hela min dag!

  • sebha: We’re well aware of that the video is fake and that’s pretty much what we would like to state with this post as well as getting people aware of that it wasn’t a track from any of the mafia members.

  • rogerio lopez = move records.. ur song does not sound like SHM. stop with the gay PR tricks. No support for ur track

  • Roligt att se hur feedbacken förändrades sedan det kom ut att det inte var SHM
    Efter: Sämst mastering och bara presets

  • rooney?

  • Lonard: HAHAHAH eller hur, alla housewannabes i ett nötskal.

  • I totally agree with Leonard, some people here should ask themselve if they like a song for its Name or its real value.

  • Haha klockrent Leonard!

  • hur vet man att videon e fake?

  • I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Very well written!

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