Avicii unveils a preview of one of the tracks that has created a lot of buzz on the net lately. Its name can now be announced to be Levels and it seems we’re getting yet closer the anticipated release. Used frequently in his sets lately together with a vocal from Etta James, this weapon of mass destruction has been referred to as the next ”Bromance” and rightfully so – with rapturing and now world renowned synth leads in a merge with pounding drums, this one is surely one of the essential contenders for the club anthem of 2011.

Hammered by the likes of Swedish House Mafia, Tiësto, Laidback Luke and many others, the live set version of 2011’s most celebrated gem has become a regular in the live sets of every major and minor DJ this year. The official release of Levels is set for October 31st on his own LE7ELS label as the follow-up to Fade Into Darkness, have a listen if you haven’t already!


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  • The first preview he made was hell alot better and faster.


  • love it, uplifting yet bangin….cant wait for the release.

  • LOL

  • Hypen dog för mig i februari, det var då jag började bli trött på den efter att ha lyssnat tusentals gånger och nu kommer releasen nästan ett år efter.

  • @ Martan, the one you’re talking about has become an entirely different song ;)

  • Avicii. Enligt mig förtjänar du din 6:e plats på djmag top 100. Du är kung kör på!

  • and i thought its released since a long time…

  • het kandidat till 2011 års houseanthem helt klart

  • I’ve had this track for something like 6 months.

  • Trey: I think most people had it since almost a year by now (myself included).. But still, it’s nice to see that it finally gets an official release. It will probably still sell a lot too, but I think it would have sold even better if it had been released earlier, in the summer..

  • Peter: Actually, the leak may also benefit the sales of this single as it is yet to climb the global charts, get tons of plays on the radio and reach a larger commercial mass than earlier. And thanks to a widely acknowledged reputation as one of the key gems of his and many other top-tier DJ’s this year, I believe we can expect ‘Levels’ to maybe even sell more and better than it would’ve done if the leak didn’t take place.

  • Anton: Well, I have to agree there, I do think that the leak will help it sell more indeed, but I still wonder if it’s been too long since the leak now. The track was huge and played in all clubs etc already in the spring/beginning of the summer, so I think a release in the summer (july/august maybe) might have sold even more (at least here in Sweden) than a late release like this.. Now I guess some people are tired of the track already when it’s finally released.. But I still think it’s THE track of the year, and I still expect it to rule both charts and sales. :)

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