After getting a spin as a craved encore on Friday in Karlstad, Avicii has now put up an official preview of the funky Nothing Without You. Inspired by the groovy sounds of the 80’s, the mastermind gets you into disco mode with this piece of art. It seems as this one is getting a feel-good vocal later on as well. He’s surely been the main subject lately and has been referred to as the best breakthrough in history of House music. Any release info hasn’t been provided more than its due to be released this year, have a listen!


12 Comments to “Preview: Avicii – Nothing Without You (Instrumental Mix)”

  • Skulle kunna vara denna som han jobbat tillsammans med Salem al fakir..? sjukt bra iaf!

  • usch, tror denna kan vara mysig med vocals men just nu bajs

  • Axwell – Centre of the universe?

  • Klockren med adele också! ( Nothing without adele )

  • Adele > Instrumental

    Den är ju så jävla bra, det är dags nu!

  • Lol, I heard this track before on year on soundcloud.

  • Den har varit med ett jävla tag nu

  • I hope the track comes with the vocals from Adele, its like a perfect match

  • This is ”Rolling in the Deep – Avicii Rolling Bootleg”, it has been present for some of Avicii’s videos on his youtube channel. Nothing new about it at all, and the vocals are obviously Adele’s Rolling in the Deep.

  • everyone has this track already…

  • Axwell – Center Of The Universe? – that track will come out when Axwell makes his debut album…

  • lol Marcel, so you heard this song a year ago, although it didn’t exist at that time?

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