With Daddy’s Groove’s major re-edit of Eargasm just out and Tim Mason’s eagerly-anticipated The Moment set on the horizon, Size Records present their 66th track to instal itself on the renowned label. It’s called Bianca and is originally made by Birmingham-stationed Tom Flynn. It’s made a total of five catwalks in the halls of BBC Radio 1 and Pete Tong’s Essential Selection as well as getting a few spins by Annie Mac. This epic tech piece is coming your way on March 23rd, have a listen!


4 Comments to “Preview: Tom Flynn – Bianca [Size]”

  • Screw this… Where the heck is “Kendo”?!?!?

  • It’s told that Kendo is coming in May or June.

  • I don’t understand how being dismissive is a reason to exclude a blog, especially considering the state of this field (and others, psychology is much worse than neuro), where I would argue that one can barely be dismissive enough, given how undiscriminately reporting and overselling findings is the norm rather than the exception. Given how anonymous commenting allows to do exactly that, I agree with Neuroskeptic (and I read his piece), even though I can’t help but find it odd that this is something that actually needs to be articulated, because it should be clear that empirical evidence is just that, no matter who pointed to it, anonymously or not.

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