The acclaimed Calvin Harris has surely made a name for himself, most lately with the slamming Flashback. Now, the superstar returns to shed his brilliance all over the place with a new piece out of his lab. Going from a sweet, euphoric break to pounding beats and cacophonous sounds in a matter of seconds, Awooga is previously an unknown territory for Scottish producer. It’s due to be released on March 21st through his very own Fly Eye Records, have a listen!


7 Comments to “Preview: Calvin Harris – Awooga [Fly Eye]”

  • så.jävla.dålig

  • Am I the only one that thinks this song is pretty bad? I mean it’s ok until 0.47… but then it just becomes complete trash IMO =/. I think he’s trying to copy the succes of Afrojack and other Dutch house artists, but this just sounds so amateuristic…

  • Bruce: Why would he copy Afrojack when he’s like way bigger than he is? :P

  • The fuck is up with the subliminal messages in the video?

  • herregud hoppas någon gör en remix och gör om droppet för melodin var ju grym sen kom det otroligt fruktansvärda droppet! BTW Afrojack is crap

  • Så grymt skön låt fy fan vilket röj!

  • This song is incredible.
    Bruce, every Calvin Harris album has been different from the previous. I Created Disco and Ready for the Weekend sound like they could be made by two different artists, and thats what is so great about Calvin, his sound is always evolving. Lets be real, if this album were the same as ready for the weekend it would get boring fast

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