The acclaimed Calvin Harris has surely made a name for himself, most lately with the slamming Flashback. Now, the superstar returns to shed his brilliance all over the place with a new piece out of his lab. Going from a sweet, euphoric break to pounding beats and cacophonous sounds in a matter of seconds, Awooga is previously an unknown territory for the Scottish producer. It’s available now on his very own Fly Eye Records, don’t miss out!

Calvin Harris – Awooga [Fly Eye Records] – Beatport Link


5 Comments to “Release: Calvin Harris – Awooga [Fly Eye]”

  • i am GUTTED to think i will have to hear this in amnesia… cringeworthy…

  • Grym melodie , sjukt dåligt dropp , hoppas det kommer någon bra remix på den här låten där dom fixar till droppet ;)

  • Både kul och tråkigt att Calvin börjar byte stil…. Melodin i denna är ju för jävla mysig iaf!

  • the track deserves a better drop !

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