Photo taken by Petter Mild

Deeply inspired by military sounds, shooting-star from Sweden, John de Sohn sets yet another piece in ready-mode. With the smashing remixes of his latest single on the shelves, Army is the next one to get its shed of light. With the assistance with a massive set of drums and a pounding beat, this punchy tune will surely breach new barriers for the Swedish talent when it drops – on March 30th through TopDJ Records.


4 Comments to “Preview: John de Sohn – Army [TopDJ]”

  • Fy helvete så bly tung !

  • Kul att se utvecklingen för Spectre, leave the kommercialness behind!

  • Kopia av Marsch marsch….

  • AM: Marsch Marsch och denna är inte lika. Trummorna är desamma, antagligen tagna från samma plug-in paket men i övrigt är det knappast en kopia.

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