Having just set his stunning single alongside Tristan Garner on the horizon, Gregori Klosman continues to impress as his eagerly-anticipated piece called Low Battery is set in ready-mode. Representing Chuckie’s highly-regarded Dirty Dutch Records, this killer weapon of mass destruction is due to be a part of the imprint’s fourth volume of the Dirty Dutch Digital release concept. His distinguished productions have taken the industry by storm and his WMC peaktimer is finally about to get fired away. It’s due on April 25th!


6 Comments to “Preview: Gregori Klosman – Low Battery [Dirty Dutch]”

  • I think the studio preview you made sometime ago is better than this one

  • The fact is the preview in the video is still the same in the track ;)
    It’ juste because the preview is not at the same moment of the track.

  • this is definitely the same part, but much more refined. this track is a lot bigger and has a lot more production value
    love the stuff coming out of france right now!

  • Banger than always Gregori, I love you jajaja, the release date is tomorrow isn’t it?

  • No, it was first set to be released on April 10th, but then Chuckie realized he got the dates mixed up so the date is officially 25th of April.

  • Why soooo late!!?? jajaja the wait is killing me

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