With the assistance of the golden voice of Ron Carroll, Michael Canitrot is preparing his essential contender for 2011, going on the heels of his major hit last year called You And I. Jammed with sun-splashed vibes of the Summer, When You Got Love is headed down a successful path towards yet another smashing single coming from his corners. Two absolute stunning remixes of the track have now been unveiled. Headlining this massive remix package is none other than the talents of Nyx Syrinx Nelio, previously known for their appearances on camp Subliminal, accompanied by a killer cut of a remix from Michael Calfan. The full package is due out on June 20th, have a listen!

Michael Canitrot & Ron Carroll – When You Got Love (Nyx Syrinx Nelio Remix)
Michael Canitrot & Ron Carroll – When You Got Love (Michael Calfan Remix)


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