With the amazing Feedback just out, it’s now time to shed light on Swanky Tunes and Hard Rock Sofa’s forthcoming EP on Steve Angello’s highly-respected Size Records yet again. First sample of Smolengrad reached the light of day in late March and the first sample of the second track of the package has now also landed in shape of a tracklisting from none other than label owner himself! These two Russian production outfits have had amazing advancements lately, causing some serious buzzes over the internet lately with their frequent, high-class releases and United is certainly no exception. Like Smolengrad, United is also consisting of a massive set of synth lines, graced with that distinguished siren sound of theirs. It’s due out on August 24th, have a listen!


7 Comments to “Live Preview: Swanky Tunes & Hard Rock Sofa – United [Size]”

  • Chakalaka? tycker de får lugna ner sig lite nu

  • tycker denna är fet, dock släpper de en hel del nu ja..

  • is anyone else getting seriously bored by this lot?

    and this is just a bad remake of wippenberg – pong -_-

  • tjohoo… jag tycker det e pong

  • here is a longer preview of the track mate its from steve and size matters gig at ruby skye http://youtu.be/yZi4wtyICJI

  • haha jajaja, menade pong.

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