Representing D.O.N.S and Mikael Weermets’ Kingdom Kome Cuts imprint, the talented Chris Melin and Adrian Bood join forces to produce an absolute stunning piece. A killer cut of a tune that is certain to be a destroyer on dancefloors all across the globe. Jammed with growling synth lines and brilliantly made cacophonous sounds, Fest is one massive tune to keep your eyes peeled out for. It’s due out November 11th, have a listen!


5 Comments to “Preview: Chris Melin & Adrian Bood – Fest [Kingdom Kome Cuts]”

  • Great work guys! Keep it up!

  • Fet! Ni borde även släppa Transcending, den skulle slå så hårt i house världen!

  • Taaeeck ja!

  • GRYM!!!!

  • その楽しい 面白い YouTubeのビデオ、私はすべての時間 見に行くユーチューブサイト Preview: Chris Melin & Adrian Bood – Fest [Kingdom Kome Cuts] | Beat My Day – It’s all about the house music! に賛成 |情報|データを詰め込むはるかがあるという理由で。
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