Being the mastermind behind the highly-acclaimed Refune EP in early March of this year has propelled him towards the top and great recognition as a talent, unearthed by Sebastian Ingrosso and camp Refune. Topical with a smashing, new remix of Pressure which is already buzzing around the internet as a true piece of art, this might just be the year of Alesso. Having just unveiled that a brand new EP on Refune is in progress, he is now preparing for firing away his next remix. This time, taking on Hollywood-stationed duo LMFAO, who’s ever so recognized trademarker I’m In Miami Bitch is still doing a serious effort on the charts, and their newly released single called Party Rock Anthem. It’s set for release on June 21st via Interscope Records along with a remix from Kim Fai, have a listen!


18 Comments to “Preview: LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem (Alesso Remix) [Interscope]”


  • Really digging the drop :) madness!

  • ;)

  • Going to be insane!

  • Sounds very bad before the drop..

  • Damn, Alesso never ceases to amaze… The drop is incredible!

  • Any release date yet?

  • gunna be sicker than a cancer patient

  • Alesso is God!

  • correction- ”let the bass kick” is a chuckie song, ”let the bass kick in miami bitch” is simply a mix between the lmfao song ”im in miami bitch” and the chuckie song.a bit confusing

  • dr0p: Thank you for clearing that up. It’s now been edited.

  • varför?. varför remix på den jobbiga låten.. ta bort ”everday im shuffeling” och säg nåt annat:)

  • Majk: Money talks.. Dock tycker jag remixen är fet

  • Breaket: Meh…


  • allt innan droppet var verkligen kasst?? lite fyndigare kunde han nog varit med det han hade å välja på från originalet

  • Zetheiser: agreed!
    bara droppet som va fett

  • Någon chans alls att denna kommer före 20:e maj? Har ett event jag ska lira på då och vill såå gärna ha med droppet i den här.

  • Dj Dave S in the hooooooooouuuuuuuuuseeeeeeeee

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