Being the mastermind behind such anthems as his long-awaited Subliminal instalment alongside German vocalist Terri B called Flirt as well as the recently released remix on established Atlantic Records, John Dahlback has manged to create an absolute brilliant signature sound and is responsible for numerous hit singles. Topical with the fairly new DJ and production outfit alongside Albin Myers called MyBack, Dahlback’s fanbase is on a steady increasement and seems to be continuing doing so for quite some time as he’s unveiling his forthcoming tunes in 2011, including the recently previewed You’re In My Heart, starring stunning vocals from Andy P. Looks like the Swedish superstar is going to score yet another year of great releases, most likely to land on the soil of his very own Mutants Records, check it out!

0:05 – Song Saved My Life
0:17 – You’re In My Heart feat. Andy P
0:25 – One Last Ride
0:42 – Are You Nervous
0:49 – Work It Out
1:00 – Violins of Donau
1:16 – Next To The Speaker


6 Comments to “Previews: John Dahlback – Tracks to be released in 2011”

  • Gott med nytt från Dahlbäck, han är värd mer uppmärksamhet i Sverige!

  • 1:00 – Violins of Donau Ser verkligen fram emot denna!

  • produktiv kille! ska bli fett och höra lite mer av dessa

  • Kung Dahlbäck, håller med ovanstående! han borde få betydligt mycket mer uppmärksamhet!

  • åååh gött att han levererar för en gångs skull!
    bara vart skit sen blink typ. göttmos!!

  • Violins of Donau är sjuuk, ser fram emot spelningen på Summerburst!

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