With the tremendous Bounce alongside his compatriot Gregori Klosman under his belt, heavyweight Frenchman Tristan Garner takes on highly-regarded Armin Van Buuren and his joint from 2010, Feels So Good, featuring vocals from the queen of electronic dance music, Nadia Ali, whose classic tune Rapture caused some serious damage in late 2010 being remixed by Avicii as well as Garner himself. Fresh out of his lab is this weapon of mass destruction that is due out soon on Armada Music, have a listen!

/Jesper & Anton

6 Comments to “Live Preview: Armin Van Buuren – Feels So Good (Tristan Garner Remix)”

  • Queensday in Amsterdam! :D i was there

  • What’s with Tristan Garner copying Avicii with everything. First remixing an old classic with Rapture then being creative and remixing a trace dj track, Avicii did this first.

  • Booboo31: I don’t think it’s about choosing. If I recall correctly, both Tristan Garner and Avicii was requested to remix Rapture and Garner was requested to remix this one. So it seems more like a coincidence than copy-catting…

  • Booboo maybe you should check out the track ”My feelings for you” by cassius before you say something :) )))

  • Booboo, Nadia had been performing to Tristan’s remix of Rapture MONTHS before the Avicii one was even announced. Besides, these remixes are only requested by the artists themselves given their official release. Like Anton said it’s nothing more than a coincidence.

  • Haha, very funny to find my own video here :D ! Thanks for publishing people !

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