Following the Pete Tong-praised release of the long-awaited original in late January, Alex Metric and Steve Angello’s Open Your Eyes returns in a vocal version, graced by the golden voice of Ian Brown. Headlined by a remix from Tim Mason – a talent whom most recently has been one of the main subjects across the globe with the breakthrough single The Moment under his belt – which has been getting some serious support by the likes of Axwell among others, the remix package is a great example of the success the Swedes have managed to bring talented producers. Third Party is yet another production outfit, unearthed by Steve Angello himself, topical with a brand new follow-up to Release called Duel. The London duo was even brought along on the recent Size Matters bus tour across the U.S. and is hereby unleashing their massive contender for this package. Last but not least, the Refune-championed Style of Eye graces the package with his distinguished sound. The release is now available on Size Records and Positiva Records!

Alex Metric & Steve Angello feat. Ian Brown – Open Your Eyes (Incl. Remixes) [Size / Positiva] – iTunes Link


9 Comments to “Release: Alex Metric & Steve Angello – Open Your Eyes (Incl. Remixes)”

  • timpa M’s är riktigt skön

  • Why is the Styke of Eye Dub Mix missing??:(

  • @myself: Style of Eye*

  • Men Third Party’s är rätt krämig också

  • wtf? when will the remixes be on beatport? are they?

  • Cameron: They are not on Beatport. Might be coming shortly or never, don’t know really..

  • haha thx man! hopefully! thats cool though, thx for letting me know they’re not on beatport.

  • こんにちは私はオーストラリア、私はこの時から午前鑑賞この%でこの調理関連するビデオ Release: Alex Metric & Steve Angello – Open Your Eyes (Incl. Remixes) | Beat My Day – It’s all about the house music! %、私は真に 陽気、そこから多くの学習嬉しい。共有していただきありがとうございます。

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