Tristan Garner’s advancement lately has been nothing, if not superlative. With the relic of his radical remix of Rapture from late 2010 still doing the rounds as the Parisian entered 2011, it has been an essential piece in paving the way for remix requests for Avicii among others and a constantly increasing fanbase that has been playing a major role in the acclamation of his latest single alongside Gregori Klosman called Bounce. The prime icon Armin Van Buuren’s collaboration with the established vocalist Nadia Ali called Feels So Good has been a validated icebreaker since the original release in late 2010. A second package has now been fired across to the press over at the influential Armada Music headquarters, headlined by the Frenchman and his characteristic drum lines. It’s due out on June 17th, have a listen!


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