Italy DJ’s and producers of Daddy’s Groove have repeatedly proven themselves worthy of recognition the past couple of months, installing themselves on Steve Angello’s Size Records with the tremendous Eargasm and on the established Strictly Rhythm with a soulful remix for Sandy Rivera as well as just having fired away the highly supported We Are In Da House single alongside Little Mark.


01. Sandy Rivera & Yasmeen – Love (Daddy’s Groove Remix) [Strictly Rhythm]
02. Axwell – Heart Is King [Axtone] w/ Axwell & Dirty South feat. Rudy – Open Your Heart (Acappella) [Axtone]
03. Diddy Dirty Money feat. Skylar Grey – Coming Home (Dirty South Remix) [Interscope]
04. Alan Braxe vs. Kris Menace – Lumberjack Together (Daddy’s Groove Mashup) [White Label]
05. Alex Metric & Steve Angello feat. Ian Brown – Open Your Eyes (Tim Mason Festival Remix) [Size / Positiva]
06. Black Raw – Eargasm (Daddy’s Groove Re-Edit) [Size]
07. Jordy Lishious – Lump [Revealed]
08. Daddy’s Groove & Little Mark – We Are In Da House [Test Pressing]
09. David Tort feat. Gosha – One Look (Axwell vs. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Remix) [Axtone]
10. Daddy’s Groove – Wild World [White Label]
11. Tim Mason – The Moment (Steve Angello Edit) [Size]
12. Hard Rock Sofa & St. Brothers – Blow Up (Axwell vs. Thomas Gold Remix) [Axtone] w/ Adele – Rolling In The Deep (Acappella) [XL] (Daddy’s Groove Mashup)

/Anton & Jesper

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