It has been an essential gem to electronic dance music over the past year, premiered by the superstar Avicii in early 2010. Gradually building hype, the remix of last year’s beauty from Imogen Heap has become a very sought-after piece. As 2010’s throbbling collaboration EP alongside Tim Berg (a.k.a Avicii) and Oliver Ingrosso consistently busted the Beatport chart, Otto Knows is an earnest producer and DJ, ready to collect himself a steady and wide fan base. Premiered by Alesso in his warm-up live set for Sebastian Ingrosso at Münchenbryggeriet in mid March of this year was an all new collaboration between Knows and his rapidly advancing compatriot Alesso named Diz Diz. As he’s preparing to warm-up the crowd at Privilege in Ibiza before none other than top-tier headliner Tiësto on June 20th and getting yet another brand new production of his premiered by Avicii, the long-awaited rework of Hide and Seek is at last falling into line under his belt as a highly rated piano smash. Sprinkled by an absolute brilliant setting of piano leads, it comes just in time for what might be the best Summer yet for house and EDM. Gear up for the embellished appeal of perfectly compiled piano tones coming from on the rise-producer Otto Knows, graced with the smooth vocal from the world renowned London singer. As the simple but shrewdly stripped melody emerges the drop, a full-on, feel-good buzz from the driven drum line kicks in to fulfil the purpose of this mighty and never-released remix – to impact dancefloors across the globe. Our celebration of the 1 year anniversary continues, going on the heels of the free give-away from Tommy Trash on Sunday. Make sure you don’t miss out on this one!


Imogen Heap – Hide And Seek (Otto Knows Remix) Exclusive by Beat My Day

Otto Knows’ Facebook fan page


26 Comments to “Exclusive Free Download: Imogen Heap – Hide and Seek (Otto Knows Remix)”

  • THAAANK YOOUU! Holy crap this song is a masterpiece, love it! <3

  • Is it a bootleg or a remix? As it says it is a bootleg when you download is.

    Great song anyway!!

  • It’s an unofficial remix.

  • LOL how can people still be excited about this song ? I mean, all stuff nowadays sound like this.. this remix is just another crap song that kills the real house music industry… IMO !

  • Mick:

    he did it for over 1,5 years ago…
    just havent been shared until now

  • Why can’t Otto count bars correctly?

  • great download! much thanks! i heard this track in swedish house mafia mix from palais club france!

    to mick:

    youre right, but who said this is house music? who said it??? i would call this trance or progressive

  • Sebastian – why does music have to follow the 2, 4, 8, 16 or 32 bar structure religiously?

  • Matthew – It’s just the way it should be, we’re used to it and if a drop goes on for 15 bars instead of 16 it’s just annoying..

  • Matthew – I’m not saying all music should follow a set structure, I’m all for experimenting. However, something tells me that was not what Otto was going for with this song.

    Once you listen to and work with enough songs of this kind you can usually ”feel” when the next part is going to start, without counting the bars, and to me it just sounds a bit off when the next part consistently starts 4 bars too early in this song.

    Details, I know, but I think about it every time I hear it. That and what the heck happened at 02.55-57, did someone bypass the limiter? :D Great song anyway though.

  • I agree with Sebastian, not only does it feel wrong, but it can mess up a whole mix if you cant feel/count when you’re suposed to hit play

  • vad är grejen med den här? är det bara jag som tycker det låter som 12000 andra låtar och är ofantligt tråkig?

  • respekt till Otto dock, tycker han är otroligt duktig men det här var väll inget att hänga i julgranen

  • Hold on one second, the youtube link of Otto’s ”Flashback”-bootleg, it sounds really similar to ”Nause – ID w/ Flashback(Acapella)” ?

  • David: That is not a Flashback bootleg but a new single from Otto Knows, graced with the vocal of Flashback. It is not similar to the Nause ID..

  • Oh, seemed to sound a lit like the Nause – ID :) appreciate the clarification.

  • For ya info: comment: Mick, is not me (mick Kastenholt), just so u fint think Im not like this track.. I think Its cool!

  • haha äntligen, 1,5 år av väntan :) !!!

  • Probably the quality of the live recorded videos.

  • Avicii did the melodie to this one I’ve heard from one of his dj friends…

    Or.. Don’t you think it’s weird that you havnt heard something more from him during the past 1,5 year since he made this bootleg and NOT a Remix…


  • Music it´s all about to communicate feelings. This song is emotional and I think this track touches everyone in some way….

    Fuck that crappy talk about bars etc…

  • MRTN: Well said :)

  • oracle>> Avicii have NOT made the melodi to this one, sorry. :)

  • haha

    aja. synd att det tog så lång tid. jag gilla den iaf när den kom

  • att det ska väntas så jääääävla länge med dessa låtar.

    -bra då
    -keff nu..

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