As premiered by Avicii himself at Summerburst Festival in Stockholm on June 4th, the acclaimed Swede continues to ride on the wave of fortune and success, provided for him by the releases of Blessed, his remix of Drowning and Jailbait among others. From the monster hit, Bromance, to an incredible setting of forthcoming tunes, including Silhouettes and Le7els, Avicii has forged something that probably is one of the most astoundingly prompt ascendings in the industry thanks to his beautiful and fascinating melodic house offerings. Set for release this month, the eagerly awaited Penguin falls into place under the prestigious banner of Ministry of Sound Recordings in shape of a vocal mix named Fade Into Darkness, perfectly fitting the progressive and catchy instrumental.

Avicii touting out the track live at Summerburst Festival to a craving and appreciative audience


11 Comments to “Preview: Avicii – Penguin (Fade Into Darkness) (Vocal Mix)”

  • ger hela låten ett lyft!

  • inte hans melodi

  • Pop shit..

  • Grymma vocals

  • tyckte den lät helt absurt bra på summerburst, nu lät det mest mjäk

  • Vem är det som sjunger?

  • Vad hette med den kvinnliga vocal mixen? Den var så sjukt mycket bättre (även om det bara var en mashup/bootleg så var den stört bra)

  • Vad hände*

  • instant hit

  • Andreas Moe, tror jag att det ska vara!

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