The streak of hits, including TogetherTheir Law and XOXO, has elevated Swanky Tunes to the forefront of the industry and they’re yet on a steady march towards a higher state. The Russians are now uncovering their next weapon of mass destruction – a remix of Robbie Rivera and Ana Criado’s The Sound Of The Times single. Flipping from a sensitive piano lead and that beautiful vocal of Ana to the peerlessly twisted setting of beats, we can surely state a new bull’s eye of a remix has landed, following their latest one on Tribiza. It’s available now on Black Hole Recordings!

Robbie Rivera feat. Ana Criado – The Sound Of The Times (Swanky Tunes Remix) [Black Hole Recordings] – Beatport Link


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  • Funny I had this song in my head all week. Caught myself sniging out loud a few times.Hehe! My husband found it cute. I think Sophia has a beautiful voice, but love the french version of it better for some reason. I love Mad Men BTW ~ I am so glad I came across your blog via pinterest. I am a veil and headpiece designer in Chicago. Looking forward to reading more posts!Ciao!

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