Bartosz Brenes and Timofey have currently set their main aim for the success of the duo’s recently launched production and DJ outfit, Bootik, being topical with the groundbreaking Ain’t Gonna Fail single, graced with the voice of Christina Skaar, and their fascinating remix of Where I Wanna Be. Featuring an astounding vocal from Steve Edwards, the singer most recognized for his work on Axwell’s glorious Watch The Sunrise smash, Louis Botella and Joe Smooth’s Promised Land surfaces the scene in form of a new remix from the rising duo, whom have gracefully added a genuinely catchy piano setting. It’s due out soon on Decode Records, have a listen!


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  • Hey, guys, just a heads up that the title of the blogpost is incorrect right now. The artists are missing ;)

  • Bruce: We’re well aware of that, but we couldn’t fit them all in due to the maximum character limit in the title.

  • Aaaaah OK :)

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