Fedde Le Grand – the highly rated Dutchman that has forged an advancing wave of prosperity as the result of the releases of the peerless Autosave, its Running sequel and most recently, the tech peak-timer Metrum – unveils a new take on David Guetta and Taio Cruz‘ brand new Little Bad Girl challenger, joining in on the remixers list alongside Norman Doray. The Holland resident has truly soared lately, not only becoming a resident DJ and entertainer on festivals across the globe. It’s due to be released soon on EMI Music, have a listen!


5 Comments to “Preview: David Guetta & Taio Cruz – Little Bad Girl (Fedde Le Grand Remix)”

  • fedde le grand är så jävla king, synd dock att det är en kommersiell låt, men lär funka bra ute på klubbarna i sverige iaf.. riktigt bra

  • This is out yet!!!

  • deadmau5: It is not out.

  • I think it’s a leak, I got it aswell..

  • Stämmer den har redan läckt.

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