And Chris Lake’s Rising Music label presents another high end tech offering. Going on the heels of the Pete Tong-premiered Secrets In The Dark, courtesy of label owner Mr. Lake himself, his partner in crime from Italy, Marco Lys is the next in line to fall under the Rising banner with a new, soulful single named GO. Well-known for starring as the producer behind the tech remix of Wild Out and the drum-dominating take on Weekend, Lys has done pretty well for himself and more is yet to come as the new trademark is just around the corner. Brought aboard is also a couple of remixes from Prok & Fitch, the Brighton duo whom recently released the catchy Cabala single on 303Lovers, and Nom De Strip & LA Riots, making their second appearance on the Rising label in addition to their remix of Hey in late 2010. GO is due out July 15th, have a listen!


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  • The Free music model is a good business in my opoinin for the artists that are confident enough and love what they do. Some artists might have to do it out of necessity for another reason not mentioned, which is that their music is already leaked and people find it more suitable for them to download rather than purchase, thus the artist has would probably choose to release it for free to make sure that he would get the credit for the track/gain people admiration for releasing it to the public so that the artist would benefit from it by making a buzz about the album itself or such. Choosing the free music model (most obvious example by PLM) is also a decision made by the artists in which makes them unique in a way from other artists which def gains more fans. It’s a balance kind of thing in my opoinin, free music model = less money from selling CD’s (although CD’s are still sold in stores) but more fame and thus larger concerts which leads to more ticket sales. While paying for CD’s = less fan’s because not many people are willing to buy your first CD when you’re still un-known and smaller concerts, yet you make the difference with the CD sales. On another hand I would like to say that this is by far one of my favorite blogs and I follow it daily, keep up the great work and great music taste but I was hoping you would put a search bar in the website somewhere where we could write the title of a song or artist and see what you have for them (just an idea).

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