Since early 2010, this collaboration in between the two world renowned icons have been an anticipated offering and a big question mark as to when the awaited release is arriving. Representing Wall Recordings, Afrojack and Steve Aoki are, jointed, at last setting the fluctating No Beef on the horizon. The Dutchman whom just recently made his premiere appearance at Sensation White is bringing the peerless single to the halls of his very own imprint, coming on the heels of Prutataaa and Selecta among others. With the Los Angeles-based Aoki and a sensitive vocal from Miss Palmer on board, No Beef is set for rendering another huge buzz as it’s due to be released on August 8th, have a listen!


13 Comments to “Preview: Afrojack & Steve Aoki feat. Miss Palmer – No Beef [Wall]”

  • Denna har man väntat på!

  • Victor: Not yet sure if that’s the one that is getting released the 18th or the instrumental..

  • Imo så tycker jag att det är den bästa låten någonsin!

  • jävligt trött på detta soundet. sluta för fan

  • detta är ju värre än big 4 i göteborg….

  • Tungaste på länge

  • haha antigen så hatar folk denna låt eller så älskar dom den haha

  • @ Anton: probably both?

  • diggar inte afrojack soundet sådär jättemkt i hans andra låtar, men denna var faktiskt sjukt bra!

  • COME ON, this is not music! Jesus christ, Afrojack go to hell

  • @ Mads

    Mads, u can go 2 hell. THIS IS GOOD MUSIC,

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