In addition to the vast package of remixes for the highly acclaimed Daft Punk’s Soundtrack album, starring the soundtracks for Walt Disney’s Tron: Legacy film, the shooting-star from Sweden, Adrian Lux, uncovers an upfront preview of his challenger for the lead single of the above-mentioned album – Derezzed. A staggering joint, suited for the out-and-out scene, is now being presented from the Swede’s corners, maintaining the lead of the groundbreaking original until the full-on, feel-good, bumpy and to say the least innovative beat kicks in. With the remnants of his and Nause’s peak-timer take on Bullets still doing the rounds on dance events across the globe and highly topical with the peerless remix of Solid Groud on the rise, Lux moves along as his recent follow-up to the almighty Axtone-signed Teenage Crime, named Boy, was released to render further success with this new choon of his, have a listen!


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