Originating from Sweden capital, Adrian Lux has surely made his country proud with a string of hits under his belt, including the unequal Axtone instalment – Teenage Crime. Teaming up alongside London duo Blende, Lux comes on the heels of the floorfiller remix of Bullets in early March with a new one for Pnau’s Solid Ground single, taken from their new album. With the sensitive voice of Nick Littlemore at their mercy and inspired by the embellished sounds of old-school French house, the three party collective enhances the catchy interludes of the original with a mainstay groove worthy of recognition. In anticipation for his take on Daft Punk’s Derezzed to enter clubland, what way to enjoy the Summer than with a dash of that contagious instrumentals and Nick’s silky vocals?

Pnau – Solid Ground (Adrian Lux & Blende Remix) [etcetc] - iTunes Link

/Jesper & Anton

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  • Går inte att köpa från iTunes Sverige, och finns inte på beatport? :(

  • Släpptes inte i Sverige…

  • Så den går inte att få tag på någonstans för oss svenskar?

  • topic: Finns på Beatport också men begränsad till Australien där med.. Du kan ju alltid slänga iväg ett mail till Lux eller hoppas någon illegal Australienare driver en houseblogg..

  • Proxy gjorde susen. :)

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