Since the initial launch of One in May 2010, this hugely acclaimed trio has soared like never earlier contemplated and making themselves the three forefronters of House music and Sweden’s high-end DJ export. Not only is the Swedish House Mafia one of the very few music groups in the world, in which all have their own highly successful solo careers, but is also one of the main reason as to why the spotlight has been pointed towards the established genre of House and electronic dance music. Releasing Miami 2 Ibiza in late August, it didn’t take longer than March of this year for the trio to shed light on their next offering – the sing-along anthem, Save The World, featuring the sensitive voice of John Martin – which has literally flooded the net lately, not only as the radio friendly original but as the streak of major remixes. With the new Swedish House Mafia interpretation of Coldplay’s Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall just premiered in Pete Tong’s Essential Selection on BBC Radio 1, Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso and Steve Angello are yet again reverting back to their renowned club sound to uncover this brand new single of theirs, coming together with two fifths of Pendulum – Knife Party. Getting a few spins by the three superior DJ’s across the globe, it wasn’t until this past weekend, Ax unveiled that this is their next single release! Played on Thursday at the Where’s The Party? by Carlsberg show in Sweden, the trio of superstars presents us a production, consisting of a electro and dubstep inspired fuse of beats and peerless big room synths. The track is called Antidote and is set for release soon, have a listen!


41 Comments to “Live Preview: Swedish House Mafia & Knife Party – Antidote”

  • This More like it

    The last release was utter Garbage

  • Its a Miami to ibiza Remix

  • this is sucks big monkey balls…

  • Definitely not the new Swedish House Mafia Production! First its too comercial and second its too electronical for them. Maybe its a Mash Up, but not their new track!

  • Sucked really hard!

  • @Davis ”Getting a few spins by the three superior DJ’s across the globe, it wasn’t until this past weekend, Ax unveiled that this is their next single release!”

    I guess it is their new track…..

  • It is their new single. Axwell reveals it in this video at 0.25

  • @Davis

    Proof, that it indeed is the new SHM track -

  • It‘s a bomb show :-) ) AXWELL

  • tung, men fan inte min kopp te

  • This definately their new single and it’s another club banger!

  • gillar denna starkt! ( bättre än save the world iaf)

  • Oh my god :D where is the original huge swedish house mafia sound?! the melody is huge, but the rest? not mine :( too much electro sound -.-

  • Nope, gillade ej detta… känns bara fel på något sätt… Antar dock att jag om någon månad kommer gilla den…

  • finally.. asså gillade inte save the world ( lät för poppigt för min del), denna låter iaf lite mer åt vad man vill ha från dem.. asså Leave the world behind va bäst

  • fyfan vilket skit. Dem har verkligen sjunkit i mina ögon och många andras.

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  • SHM visar att de vill och kan köra olika stilar på sina prods. självklart blir trångsynta one-fans besvikna. Den dagen de stannar upp och gör samma produktioner hela tiden (Avicii-style), först då sjunker de i mina ögon….

    De har fortfarande min support även om det inte känns som att detta kommer vara min favorit

  • Så länge de inte lägger någon värdelös pop-rappares vocal på detta är jag nöjd

  • This song is called Swedish House Mafia – Music Is The Answer

  • jack: It is not… Axwell played it with the acappella of ‘Music Is The Answer’ at Papaya.

  • Hörde låten på EDC i Juni! Axwell plockar upp micken en enda gång på hela setet, just för att droppa denna låt, vilket tyder på att den är speciell!

  • 1000 times better then the shit song ”Save the world”..

  • @Davis
    Ehhh – Did you just say ”it’s too commercial” ?
    What a joke.. It’s the fucking SHM!

  • fyfan va fet den kommer bli, äntligen lite tyngre saker!!

  • This song shows why SHM are the best in the bussiness.They are able to create different huge tracks.From the big progressive tracks like ‘one’ and ‘Miami to Ibiza’ to the emotional ‘Save the world’ and their remix of ‘Every teardrop is a waterfall and now to this huge electro dubstep influenced track.Seems like most poeple but people are so mean they enjoy identical releases from avicii with that old boring piano or to Afrojack with those great dirty beats but which are becoming really boring.A true artist is the one who expereiments with music.

  • Sluta hata, det här är bra skit.

  • SHM fortsätter att överraska. Låter som Steve Angello, har svårt att hitta Seb’s och Axwells influenser, men samtidigt ser jag hellre att de kör flera olika stilar än att pumpa ut 500 låtar per år, som dessutom låter exakt likadant som en viss Avicii gör. Ska bli kul att se hur resten av världen tycker om denna!

  • Tyckte den var riktigt fet, hur fan kan ni säga att detta inte är SHM’s original ljud när dom fan har släppt 3 låtar (4 med LTWB)?

  • svårt att säga, väntar på en med bättre kvalle

  • This is epic. Gonna be a banger. Heavy ass shit, this is master.

  • @riksomfan 5 med get dumb?

  • There will always be haters!

  • for all the people saying they went commercial…this is the proof they didnt…..and also saying it sux? theres not even a good preview yet…

  • One and a half year too late? Who is the pioneers in the genre? Deadmou5, Nero and not to mention the up and coming Mord Fustang among others have dubstep and electro elements for years already.

    Swedish House Mafia used to be the inventors of new house sounds – the 3 guys leading the way for all the other dj’s! They ended up, after massive criticism for the commercial tracks lately, at least back to something much more close to their origin. But this to me looks just like a copy cat move of the fast arising dub step and electro trend.

    I know there is a lot of haters, and my post can be be read that way too. The fact is, I miss the old SHM – the inventors of the new era of house music. I want them back… Until then…. listen to Mord Fustang Lick the rainbow! It’s good – too good….

  • Äntligen lite bättre musik! Håller med @Säm till 100%!
    Det är just detta som är beviset på att dom är stora producenter, dom kan göra nästan vad dom vill! Inte som Afrojack och Avicii, dom två har man tröttnat på för länge sedan..

  • holy shit they changed the that new break!

  • herrejävlar vilket tryck, hoppas dom inte tänker sitta och trycka på denna för länge!

  • i like it! ;)

  • The break was better before, now it’s to simple.

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