Having collaborated alongside Avicii, Afrojack and The Shapeshifters among others, the Shermanology outfit presents us a taster of their new solo project named Living For The City. They have screened their outstanding skill of mastering productions in numerous electronic dance music territories and are now preparing a major take-over with their newest offering. Starred as essential pieces of the manufacturing of such successful tunes as Blessed by Avicii, Afrojack’s Grindin and Waiting For You from The Shapeshifters, the Dutch trio has come up with an absolute killer of a solo production. Despite this only being a sneak peek of the track, I’m confident we’re going to be seeing quite a lot of that setting of pounding drums and the vibrant voice of Ms. Dorothy Sherman in near future. The track is now officially signed to Afrojack’s Wall Recordings, have a listen!


6 Comments to “Preview: Shermanology – Living For The City [Wall]”

  • ”A ghettoo ass preview!” Skön drop, men gilla inte så mycket vad som kom efter ”Switch it ap switch it ap!”

  • Grym!

  • fan vad risigt ni skriver. hoppade ni av gymnasiet eller?

  • @ twitterfitta – lagom trött, meningslös och ogrundad kommentar… ännu ett exempel på den svenska bitterheten….

  • Big ! Fyfan va glad jag blir.

  • ”we gonna share it? we gonna share it right now!”

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