As the original remix passed by pretty much ingloriously as part of the Daft Punk R3conf1gur3d compilation, a vocal remix of Derezzed is now on the rise. The Swedish mastermind behind 2010’s groundbreaking Bromance is doing impact’s on clubland and electronic dance music like no other with his pretentious and feel-good melodic house. Supported by the likes of Tiësto, Swedish House Mafia and many others, Avicii is also responsible for making the probably most outstanding hit single of 2011 which, not even released yet, has become a highly rated sing-along anthem with vocals from Etta James. Just released the famed Fade Into Darkness, he’s got a squadron of top releases coming up, including Levels, Silhouettes and Sunshine (with David Guetta). Going in the acclaimed spirit of his catchy offerings, this underrated interpretation on Daft Punk has now scored itself an astounding vocal, which voice is still unknown to whom it may belong.


12 Comments to “Preview: Daft Punk – Derezzed (Avicii Vocal Remix)”

  • Love this track! :) makes it really AMAZING! Do you know who the vocalist may be? :)
    Thanks fellas!

  • Fy i helvete va grymt! Vilken gud

  • do you by any chance know anything about the release?

  • GIllar ni verkligen den här? Förstår inte varför han lägger energi på den här låten. Spelar han den själv ens?

  • perfect

  • Haha Jääääaeej, alltså jag gillar den fan! Den e liksom catchy, och fyi så spelade han den på någon stor festival i USA som finns på youtube. Påminner lite om hans gamla material :D the good ol’ Avicii!

  • Martin: You can expect a release in december… he have’nt even realeased Le7els.

  • Håller med David. detta är avicii från gamla goda tider!

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  • Som vanligt bättre utan någon desperat tjejröst som inte säger ett skit

  • It’s been on VA-Promo Only Dance Radio May’11edition

  • Aa denna släpptes verkligen ..

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